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Genre:  Psychological Thriller / Gothic Fiction / Sisters Fiction 
Publisher: Lake Union Press
Date of Publication: April 14, 2020
Number of Pages: 317Scroll down for the giveaway!

In the isolated estate she’s found the perfect getaway. But there’s no escaping the past in this chilling novel from the bestselling author of The Unremembered Girl.

Filmmaker Tessa Shepherd helped free a man she believed was wrongly imprisoned for murder. When he kills again, Tessa’s life is upended.
She’s reeling with guilt, her reputation destroyed. Worse, Tessa’s mother has unexpectedly passed away, and her sister, Margot, turns on her after tensions from their past escalate. Hounded by a bullying press, Tessa needs an escape. That’s when she learns of a strange inheritance bequeathed by her mother: a derelict and isolated estate known as Fallbrook. It seems like the perfect refuge.A crumbling monument to a gruesome history, the mansion has been abandoned by all but two elderly sisters retained as caretakers. They are also guardians of all its mysteries. As the house starts revealing its dark secrets, Tessa must face her fears and right the wrongs of her past to save herself and her relationship with Margot. But nothing and no one at Fallbrook are what they seem.

“Suspense fans will be satisfied.” —Publishers Weekly


Rating :★★★★★

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion. I was provided a copy of a finished audiobook from Lone Star Literary Life partner in exchange for my honest review.  The comments in this review do not reflect the views of the author or the publisher. The copies used in this review are finalized copies sent to me in exchange for my honest review.  #partner #LSBBT


Have you ever thought you were making the right decision and then it turns out it could have been wrong? Tessa thought she was making the right decision when she helped to free someone she felt was innocent but her core is shaken the killer strikes again. Not only is Tessa facing the challenges of a crippling career after a murder was released on her watch but now there is turmoil in her family. Her relationship with her sister is tumultuous and now she must work with her sister to uncover the family’s many secrets as an estate turns up as an inheritance to both women. As Tessa works to uncover the mystery behind the estate in Fallbrook, she finds more than she bargained for.

This captivating audiobook captures you from the moment it begins with a vivid telling of this suspenseful novel. The author does an amazing job with the selection of the narrators for this book. Each narrator being picked precisely for the personality of the main characters. I loved that the story was told from different perspectives allowing the reader to engage with each character. The transitional viewpoints allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the two sets of sisters and how their timelines and stories intertwine.

You ever come to the end of a novel and wonder, did that just end like that? That was me finishing this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of this novel. The author did an exceptional job creating a novel that allows the reader to be connected and intertwined with each character. I felt every emotion that lined the pages of this novel as the characters’ stories started to unwind. There are twists, there are turns, there are moments where you want to both scream and cry at the same time. The ending left me to want ing more from the story and it completes shock. The reality of the struggles Tessa faces with her anxiety is both empowering and impactful. How many times have we all put on a facade but have been facing a crippling fear and anxiety underneath? It reminds me of some of the same emotions I faced when I struggled with anxiety but did not share it with anyone. The struggles Tessa and Margot faced with their relationship provides a realistic approach to how the lack of communication and cause the downfall of a family. Everyone had good intentions but sometimes those can be misinterpreted. I wonder how longer Dierdre can keep up the facade with Kitty and what’s next for Tessa.

This is my first time reading a book written by this author but I am thoroughly invested in her writing style and the way the words flow throughout this story. There were a few times that I was a bit lost trying to keep up with the supporting characters but overall this book was phenomenal. I enjoy this type of historical based writing style that captures the essence of an authentic thriller storyline that has you at the end of your seat during the full ride.

I highly recommend this book for any who is interested in reading a thrilling mystery novel. This book is appropriate for young adults and higher as there isn’t rude content but it does discuss anxiety and parts of the story can be a bit heavy for younger audiences.

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Eliza Maxwell is the author of The Shadow Writer, The Widow’s Watcher, The Unremembered Girl, The Grave Tender, and The Kinfolk. She writes fiction from her home in Texas, which she shares with her ever-patient husband, two impatient kids, a ridiculous English setter, and a bird named Sarah. An artist and writer, a dedicated introvert, and a British-cop-drama addict, she enjoys nothing more than sitting on the front porch with a good cup of coffee. For more information, visit



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Bus 59 and a Half by Mel Ingrid

fMK4uviYToO8k+ioThLdEgGenre: Young Adult Psychological Thriller
Pages: Print 153
Release Date: June 7,  2018
Author: Mel Ingrid
Rating: ★★★★

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion. I purchased a copy of this book on my own from The opinions in this review are solely my own and do not reflect the views of the publisher or the author. 


In a tranquil town where no one pays attention, June of 2016 means three things to three people–the start of summer vacation, the conclusion of a divorce, and a plethora of cardboard boxes. But when a sculpture exhibit near the local high school opens, June 2016 isn’t just about three things. There’s a flyer inside the exhibit–a job opening hiding underneath an innocent façade, waiting to lure victims into an anomalous trap.

A few traffic jams and a pine thicket away from the suburbs is the worn down warehouse of two sculptors. They’re slaving over a collection with a deadline that puts their lifelines at risk, but that’s the least either of them is worried about. Art is a form of life that exceeds the limitations of reality, and it can be dangerous.

So what is one to do when the muses want their encore?

Author Bio:

Mel Ingrid is the teen author of a YA psychological thriller entitled BUS 59 AND A HALF and a short story, WHEN WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO, featured in the 2017 All In! Snack Fiction Anthology. She’s also a hardcore Sherlockian and a lover of movie posters, among several other things.

She was born in Long Island, New York, raised by loving Taiwanese parents and delicious food. When she was in the first grade, she and her family moved halfway across the world to Singapore, where she resided before her early adolescent years.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing her violin, playing online Scrabble, and doodling weird drawings. She also wants to mother a dog someday.

Her real name is Melissa Lee, and she uses Mel Ingrid as her pen name solely because she does not want to be confused with the CNN reporter.

She now writes and procrastinates in New Jersey.

*Taken from Goodreads author profile. Click this link to go to page.*

Final Thoughts:

Bus 59 and Half was a book that I stumbled on through another indie author on instagram. I was interested in reading more independent author novels and I found a few. This young adult psychological thriller takes you on a journey through the intertwining of a variety of characters. We watch each character play it’s own part in the story and mingle with other characters. The plot was definitely a twist no one will see coming but it was an interesting surprise. This novel is short but thrilling, so be prepared to finish it in one sitting.

The author did a great job starting the story off by introducing one of the characters Alexi. The author provided back story on Alexi and actually introduced members of her family. From there the story takes you on a journey that connects Alexi to another character and so on. Alexi is only the beginning of the start of the flowchart of character connections. We learn that she is offered a job as a model for a sculptor. We then are taken on a journey through the perspective of each person that will come in contact with the sculptor and the sculptor himself. We learn more about him and his past which becomes important as the story moves forward. However, I started to get lost closer to the end of the story. I could understand the structure behind the main plot but I was starting to get confused as people disappeared then reappeared in the story later. I was confused as to where they went and how they got there. I enjoyed the different dialogue perspectives portrayed and the chapter style of leading up to the main event in the story. It help understand how each supporting character intertwined with the main male character. I especially enjoyed the psychological aspect of the story but wanted to know more about the big ending and why the main character did what he did in the ending scene. The book was a bit short and I personally wanted more of an explanation of some of the events. However, the author did a great job of keeping me on my toes and guessing what the next action in the story was. I enjoyed the dialogue between the different characters but also hoped for a bit more romance and action. This book had a lot of potential and moments that made me gasp because of the absurdity. (I mean this in a grip your chair kind of moment.) The author nailed the suspense aspect of the book which made it more appealing to actually finish it. Mel did a great job on this book and I am excited to see more novels written by her in the future. See the link above to check out her book and learn more about her.

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