Hi, my name is Ariel Hess. I created this in blog as space to share my life as a librarian, post book reviews, share travel photos and share any special projects I am working on.

The content on this site contains solely my opinion and does not reflect viewpoints from my job, authors, or publishers.

Five Questions to Get to Know LibrAriel

What do you do in your free time? In my free time I enjoy reading, crafting, gardening, and hiking. I will occasionally skateboard on beautiful days, go to the movies, hang out with friends, volunteer, and go to church. Lastly, I enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing new adventures.

What is you day job? I work full-time as a Youth Services Librarian/Manager for a public library. I also work part time as a Reference Librarian for a University one day a week.

What is the thing you love most about your job?  I love leading various children’s programs. I grew a special bond with these children and their caregivers. I have been provided a great opportunity to watch the children grow and learn. I also enjoy providing readers advisory.

Where does your love for books stem from? Once when I was in third grade, I got into trouble at school and was grounded. My grandmother thought to punish me by banning me from watching tv. All I could do was read for a week and that is where my love for books really flourished. Books have always given me the opportunity to escape from reality and take a journey through my imaginative mind.

What types of books do you like to read? My favorite genre is Historical Fiction but I enjoy Young Adult graphic novels, contemporary, romance, coming of age stories, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novels. I typically read Adult Fiction, Young Adult Fiction and Middle Grade books. I also read picture books but mostly because I work with kids 0- 14.

If you would like to reach me to review a book, help with a website, or any other inquiries, please use the contact form located in the menu bar or email me at librarielbookreviews@gmail.com. I am open to all comments and appreciate you taking the time to review the content of my blog.

Happy Reading and thanks for joining me on this adventure!