Being Adventurous with Summer Programming


It’s that time of year again, the most busiest time of the year. The children’s department has been working hard since January to plan creative programming to offer to the community. I have been in charge of the area displays, pajama night story time, and all middle school programs. Here is what the middle schoolers have to look forward to this summer.

  • Henna Program- Local Paid Performer who will show the youth how to create henna designs and each child will go home with their own cone of henna.
  • Galaxy Solar Lights- Youth will be able to create a solar powered light jar by using a mason jar and yard lights. Each youth participant will take home a light jar and an additional galaxy sensory jar. I found information on how to do this online and adapted to my library.
  • Life Size Retro Gaming- We will be doing life size pac-man. I am using painters tape on the floor, ping pong balls will be the points, and each child will wear the responding colors. This program was super cheap to come up with and complete.
  • A Magic Workshop- Local Paid Performer will show the youth how to do simple magic card trips. Each child will leave with a deck of card and new tricks to use on others.
  • Science Explosion- Local Paid Performer will do slime and explosion demonstrations for the middle schoolers.
  • DIY Projector Box- Youth will create their own projector box to use at home. The program description asks the youth to come to the program with a smart phone to practice.
  • Monster Movie and Slime Activity- The plan is to have them watch a alien movie and make slime to take home. This is the final program for the summer!

I am super excited to run these programs and help with others this summer. The theme is A Universe of Stories. The programs above took a lot of create and this will be my first time doing each program. Months of planning went into devising the schematics for each program above. Please be on the look out for recap posts from these programs.

Comment below your ideas or any feedback about this list. You can use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page to reach me or you can email me at Thanks for joining me on this adventure!