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Rafter O Ranch, Book 3
Holiday Romance / Country Music Romance / Clean & Wholesome
Publisher: CKN Christian Publishing
Publication Date: October 18, 2022
Page Count: 245 pages


True heart’s desire cannot be ignored.
Destynee Olsen has always done what her mother asked, but the road to stardom could mean leaving behind a piece of her heart.
Travis Olsen tries desperately to honor his vow to support his wife. Watching their son grow up without a mother is asking too much and his resentment builds. A marriage alone and single parenting is not what he signed up for.
The line has been drawn between a woman who has been told that her destiny to be a star is more important than she is and a cowboy who refuses to destroy his wife’s dream. Destynee and Travis have to decide what’s important. Can they discover the life they were meant to have at the risk of denying their own hearts?

“The dialog brings the story to life, and the stage scenes are intriguing and vivid as Destynee decides just how much fame is worth, and the cost to her heart and family.”

“…an emotional read about a young couple, each trying to survive their marriage. The storyline brings heartache, forgiveness, and reconciliation as God works to bring peace and contentment back to their marriage.”

“Another great read with excellent characters.”

Texas author Natalie Bright writes novels for kids and adults that combine her passion of the American West with a small-town vibe. She calls the wide-open land and endless sky of the Texas Panhandle home, which inspires her work. Her co-author is a Georgia writer and editor. Denise F. McAllister credits a love of horseback riding and 15 years in equestrian showmanship for her heartfelt connection to all things western.
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Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

*Disclaimer: A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. Please note the opinions in this review are solely my own and do not reflect the views of others.*

Finding My Destynee is book three in the Rafter O Ranch series. This romance novel continues the story of Destynee and Travis. The story begins with Travis divulging his current relationship with his wife Destynee. Travis, a loving and supportive husband, wants nothing more than stand by his wife’s decisions. However, with a small child involved things can get messy. Destynee, a young female singer, was allowed to chase her dreams, and with the support of her husband she left. Both are struggling with their decisions, contemplating if they made the right choice. Will Travis chase after his Destynee or will Destynee chase after her destiny?

This book is a sweet romance novel that takes us through the life of Destynee and Travis. The books is during the Christmas season and each chapter has a countdown to the holiday. Destynee’s mother wants her to continue to sing and chase after her dreams. Her mother doesn’t want her family to hold her daughter back from chasing her dreams. The family dynamic of the storyline continues to unfold as the main characters work through doubts about choices made. Throughout the entire novel, you get to hear from the perspective of Destynee and Travis as the chapters alternate between their points of view.

I have not had the opportunity to read that many books written by two authors. I will say that the author’s writing styles meshed well together. Overall, this book was a fairly easy read. The authors don’t do a lot with the development of the characters, but I assume this is due to this being book three in a series. The book ended smoothly and the storyline was easy to follow. I wish there was a bit more action, more romance, and more twists and turns. However, I did love the Christmas influence and the countdown at the beginning of each chapter.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in a clean Christmas romance novel. This book is geared toward adults but can be read by anyone interested in romance.

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