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Nonfiction / Self Help Memoir / Aging & Longevity
Publisher: Narrating Sound
Length: 4 hours, 43 minutes
Publication Date: February 22, 2022

Ever since Eve was banned from the garden, women have endured the oftentimes painful and inaccurate definitions foisted upon them by the patriarchy. Maiden, mother, and crone, representing the three stages assigned to a woman’s life cycle, have been the limiting categories of both ancient and modern (neo-pagan) mythology. And one label in particular rankles: crone. The word conjures a wizened hag—useless for the most part, marginalized by appearance and ability.
None of us has ever truly fit the old-crone image, and for today’s midlife women, a new archetype is being birthed: the Creatrix.
In Creatrix Rising, Raffelock lays out—through personal stories and essays—the highlights of the past fifty years, in which women have gone from a quiet strength to a resounding voice. She invites us along on her own transformational journey by providing probing questions for reflection so that we can flesh out and bring to life this new archetype within ourselves. If what the Dalai Lama has predicted—that women will save the world—proves true, then the Creatrix will for certain be out front, leading the pack.

Stephanie Raffelock is an author, speaker, and voiceover artist. She is the editor of the anthology, Art in the Time of Unbearable Crisis (2022). Stephanie is the author of Creatrix Rising, Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women (2021) and she penned the award-winning book, A Delightful Little Book on Aging (2020). She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and a goofy Labrador Retriever named Mickey.


Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS
*Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion and does not reflect the viewpoints of the author or publisher. A finished e-audiobook copy of this book was provided for review.*

Creatrix Rising is a self-help-style book that allows the reader to take moments throughout the book to reflect. After each chapter, the author provides self-reflection questions. A creatrix is described as a woman who is creative without the limitations of age set by society.

Each chapter in this book allows the reader to be transferred inside the mind of the author. The reader gets to be a part of the thought process of the author as the author analyzes pivotal moments in her life, which shaped her to become the person she is today. This includes diving deeper in order to truly understand the full make-up of a woman’s life and the cultural projection constantly forced upon women. Women are seen as obsolete beings once they hit the age of 40, and at the spark of a creative high are seen as having a mid-life crisis. For decades women have been seen as “less than,” compared to men. Women were meant to give up their dreams and serve as a caretaker for many.

Stephanie takes a stance on highlighting aspects of her life where she has worked to take back the authority taken from women by men for decades. She shares stories of family, the choices of women in her life, relationships, survival, recovery, healing, loss, forgiveness, and her life in the workforce. She talks about the impact of relationships she developed and her connection to her ancestors. She begins to fully understand the choices her mother and grandmother made in their lifetime and starts to see them as the women they were.

Throughout the entire novel, we get a chance to truly understand how the author has grown to become the person she is today. She finally finds her voice and learns to share her story and allow her story to impact others. This includes her being able to watch her life come full circle and inevitably achieving her dream of becoming a writer.

This central text provides such a diverse set of contexts that you are able to connect to every story shared, every moment of realization, and every relationship dissection. I highly recommend this novel to any woman regardless of age. This novel highlights many aspects of a woman’s life and the challenges women continue to face. It will reignite a fire in you that encourages the reader to give themselves space for their creative minds to prosper. 

I enjoyed the audiobook narration. The story flowed very well and I was able to stay alert throughout the reading. I listened to the audiobook in one sitting and loved it.

This book and author are truly one-of-a-kind, and I cannot encourage you any more emphatically to run to shelves to grab yourself a copy of it.

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