The Start of My Fitness Journey

2 Corinthians 5: 7 “Walk by Faith and not by sight” CSB

To start with my journey, I must start at the beginning and explain why I chose to change my life. 

I remember randomly picking a week of September 2020. The original plan was to go visit a cousin in New York but with COVID restrictions those plans were nixed. It was about two to three weeks before my scheduled time off that I randomly decided to do a solo road trip. I did not know where I was going to go but I picked three states and looked online for two days until I found a rental car that had four-wheel drive. My first stop would be Bricktown, Oklahoma to stop and see the Riverwalk and the Sonic Headquarters. Then I would drive to Eckhart, Kansas to Visit a Grassland. Then I would drive to Guymon, Oklahoma to stay the night and enjoy some local pizza. I would go to Denver, Colorado for a hike in the Rockies, Ziplining, and to watch a UFC fight at a random bar. My last stop on this week-long journey was Albuquerque, New Mexico for a hike, a visit to Route 66, and a trip to the local Botanical Garden. Did I mention I took this week-long road trip alone? I got to spend a lot of time with my thoughts and reflecting on my life choices. I also learned to love myself and not let fear hold me back.

I returned from my trip, not ready to get back to work or anything but ready to tackle some life changes. I reached out to a local trainer I had been “stalking” on Instagram. It was crazy how I found her. A DJ I follow posted a photo of them in this gym then I went to the gym’s page to look at the trainers and she stood out the most of all of them. So I signed up for her online program, got a gym membership, and within a week from returning from the solo road trip I was training in the gym four days a week and on a new diet.

I strongly believe that God puts people in your life for a season and some for a lifetime. Each person will leave you better than you were before and I am so grateful for the ghosting. Don’t worry, I forgave and moved forward with myself. 

So, to sum up, my fitness journey and answer some potential questions:

  1. What made me decide to start weight training?
    1. Reason one: I was pretty angry after another failed dating-ship and wanted to have force in my punch in case I ever saw the guy in person. Boxing is next on my list.
    2. Reason two: I have a bridesmaid dress that was too big and I wanted to fit into that dress.
    3. Reason three: I was super unhealthy and it was causing some health problems.
    4. My trainer offers an online training program that I have been doing and it is easy to follow and she is available to answer my questions.
  2. What is your goal weight?
    1. First Goal: 135. I am 5’8″ so I’d like to be between 150-155
    2. Hoping to hit my next goal by May 2022
  3. Have you changed your diet?
    1. Yes, I eat 2075 calories a day. This includes 120g of protein, 55g of Fat, 255g of Carbs
    2. My trainer is a trained nutritionist and adjusts my diet based on my monthly gains. It was hard at first and every day is a challenge.
  4. What does a typical workout week look like for you?
    1. Recently I switched from 4days a week to 5 days a week Monday-Friday.
    2. It depends on what my trainer has me doing. I was doing three leg days and two split upper days. Now I am doing 2 leg days and 3 split upper days.
  5. Any advice for someone just starting?
    1. No one knows what they are doing. They may look like they know but they don’t know so get a trainer. Even if it is only for a month or two. Lifestyle changes are an investment that you want to do right. Don’t skimp and try to get a “cheap” trainer. Quality over quantity.
    2. Set clear goals and find your “why.” What is the reason you want to lose weight, tone up, or bulk up. Having a goal helps you have something to reach for and gives you the motivation to keep showing up.
    3. Be consistent. You won’t want to show up every day but still get up and do it anyway. At the end of the day, if you want it bad enough you won’t quit.
    4. This isn’t temporary it is a lifestyle change and you will start seeing results.
    5. Progress takes patience. Change won’t happen overnight, so do not rush it. If you get a trainer, listen to them. You are paying them to train you, if you don’t listen, only you suffer.
    6. It is okay to fail in the gym. Get up, laugh it off, and pretend like no one is watching you. I make so many weird faces in the gym at this point it is just comical.

I pray this post inspires you and encourages you to set clear health goals. The hardest part is starting and showing up daily. But remember you are showing up for yourself. Don’t change yourself for anyone, do it for you. As a believer, I felt that if I want the Holy Spirit to live in me, then I needed to do a better job of taking care of his home. 

God bless and reach out if you have questions.