Summer Reading Challenge Recap 2019


The Summer Reading Challenge, “A Universe of Stories,”  has come to an end. The programs I coordinated were geared toward grades 6th-8th. This was my first summer in my current position and at my current library. I was able to interact with middle schoolers and have provided a recap below.

Henna Program

Local Paid Performer who will show the youth how to create henna designs and each child will go home with their own cone of henna.

Final Thoughts:  This program went well the participants were able to take home a cone of henna to practice their designs at home. The performer was able do a small design on each participants hand.

Galaxy Solar Lights

Youth will be able to create a solar powered light jar by using a mason jar and yard lights. Each youth participant will take home a light jar and an additional galaxy sensory jar. I found information on how to do this online and adapted to my library.

Final Thoughts:  I wrote a full blog post that discussed everything I did for this program.  The participants enjoyed this program and were able to successfully complete the task. This program was easy to create and wasn’t costly.

Life Size Retro Gaming-

We will be doing life size pac-man. I am using painters tape on the floor, ping pong balls will be the points, and each child will wear the responding colors. This program was super cheap to come up with and complete.

Final Thoughts: It took about an hour to set up the pac-man on the floor of the meeting room. The participants enjoyed the game. I set up a table with crafts and additional board games.

A Magic Workshop

Local Paid Performer will show the youth how to do simple magic card trips. Each child will leave with a deck of card and new tricks to use on others.

Final Thoughts:  The performer brought decks of cards and a book of magic card tricks. Each participant took home a deck of cards and a book with magic tricks. The performer taught the participants three tricks during the hour performance. The performer went through the history of each trick.

Science Explosion

Local Paid Performer will do slime and explosion demonstrations for the middle schoolers.

Final Thoughts:  This performer went over pulleys and polymers with the participants. This was my highest attendance program with a total number of thirty attendees. The participants enjoyed the enthusiasm of the performer.

DIY Projector Box

Youth will create their own projector box to use at home. The program description asks the youth to come to the program with a smart phone to practice.

Final Thoughts:  I collected shoe boxes from the staff members two months prior to the program. I then purchased magnifying glass from party city to use in the projector box. I went over the instructions with the participants then let them create the box with the 5 easy steps.

Monster Movie and Slime Activity

The plan is to have them watch a alien movie and make slime to take home. This is the final program for the summer!

Final Thoughts:  The movie was only thirty minutes so I waited until fifteen minutes after the program start time to begin the movie. The participants also were able to make slime using glue, shaving cream, contact solution and baking soda.

Comment below your ideas or any feedback about this list. You can use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page to reach me or you can email me at Thanks for joining me on this adventure!