The Forgotten Headline by McCaid Paul

fullsizeoutput_150fGenre: Middle Grade Thriller/ Mystery
Pages: Print 187
Release Date: November 19, 2017
Author: McCaid Paul
Rating: ★★★★.5

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion. I was provided a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.  The comments in this review do not reflect the views of the author or the publisher. The copy used in this review is a finished print copy.

Goodreads Synopsis 

NO ONE KNOWS what their last normal day will be like. For Mick Smith, the day that he goes hunting with his dad, turns out to be his. After a deer that his dad shoots runs on their neighbor’s property, he decides to retrieve it–without the neighbor, Mr. Welch, finding out.

But once they cross the property line, Mr. Welch fires shots at them, making them leave the deer behind. Mick’s dad warns him it’s too dangerous to go back and get the deer but Mick doesn’t listen. Later the same day, he finds himself crossing the neighbor’s property line once again. And what he finds there WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Deciding not to tell his dad about his discovery, Mick makes up his mind to investigate on his own. Only with the help of his best friend Billie, will he set out to solve the mystery, unearthing secrets about his discovery, his family, and one shocking secret about himself that threatens to destroy everything he’s ever known.
Some secrets are dangerous, and should stay forgotten.

Final Thoughts

This middle grade fiction novel written by a young author takes you on a journey through secrets of one town. The books starts off with a thrilling set of events that made me not want to put it down. The beginning definitely set the tone for the rest of the book as the author worked to unravel components of each character and events. It is prevalent that the author spent time on developing each character in this book. I would have liked more development of Billie, Mick’s best friend, but her story may come out in the next book. As a librarian, I especially enjoyed the two friends interaction at the local library. I liked that the author added realistic pieces into the book and showcased a bit of the importance of the libraries. The library is seen in this story as motivation and the match that lit the fire of the investigation. It is also seen as a pathway to the past as the two discover secrets of their own and as their curiosity is fueled by what they have discovered.

Overall, this is a great read! I enjoyed the interaction between characters and the climax of the book. I felt the ending could have used a bit more pizazz but it definitely had me reaching for my wallet to purchase the next in this series. This is merely the first book and if you are interested in a thriller that focuses on family, secrets, and friendship, then pick this one up. Also, this book definitely takes you on an emotional rollercoaster toward the end as secrets start to unravel and both Billie and Mick find their voices. Imagine if you had to stand up to someone you trusted, do you think you would live to tell the tale?

This book is great for middle school aged and upper elementary students depending on the reading level. There are scenes that involve hunting and shooting in this book. It may be mature for younger ages.

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