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I was nominated by Jessica from Odd and Bookish  for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am beyond honored to have been nominated for this. Thank  you so much to Jessica. I got to know Jessica a lot more in these past few months and she is such an amazing person. She is so resilient and is the essence of girl power. Here is the link to her One Lovely Blog Award Post. 


  1. I am actually a librarian. My blog name is a combination of my name and librarian. I decided it would be interesting after I received my library science degree. I work full time as a Youth Services Librarian and Assistant Manager. I serve kids 0-18 and ensure there are a wide range of programming available for adults and the youth. I love interacting with the youth in the neighborhood of my library.
  2. I used to be a teacher! Before I became a librarian, I worked as an elementary school teacher. I enjoyed teaching but felt I would be better suited inside a library. I love using my teaching skills to better engage with the youth in the area. Both jobs are rewarding positions!
  3. I am very crafty! I used to create my own clothing from scratch and I own a sewing machine. I have created a lot of materials using my sewing machine and love mixing patterns.
  4. I can’t see! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was three. I love getting new glasses every year.
  5. I love museums and libraries. When I take vacations I make it apparent to visit a museum or library in the area.
  6. My favorite artists are Linkin Park and Eminem.  In my opinion, both are classics.
  7. I completed my first puzzle last year! I have never completed a puzzle until last year. My husband and I spent a total of three hours working on a five hundred piece Bob’s Burgers puzzle.


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  1. Nice, congratulations! I love libraries and it’s pretty cool that you get to work in one. They’re quiet . . . usually and the smell of books is wonderful. I think it’s really cool that you know how to sew and make you’re own clothing. That’s a unique skill! I have crappy eyesight too lol!

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