Just For A While by Zoe Haslie

just for a while
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Title: Just For A While 
Author: Zoe Haslie
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Pages: E-Book
Release Date: January 21, 2018
Rating: ★★★★.5

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion. I was provided a copy of this book from the author #partner in exchange for my honest review. The comments in this review do not reflect the views of the author. The  copy used in this review is a final copy of the published book.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Charlotte Harrington is capable of love, but the feelings of love, of letting anyone close to her, scare her. Seventeen-year-old Charlotte’s life turns brusquely when her mother sends her away to spend the summer before college with her father—a man she knows nothing about and cares even less for. Thus, forced by a promise she made to her mom, and having secretly thrown her future away, Charlie finds herself stuck for an indefinite time in the coastal town of Rosetown. Raised by a single mother, Charlotte grew up to be an independent, suspicious, and lonely girl. To make matters worse, she is stubborn to the bone. Moving in with Daniel proves to be a challenge for both of them, as he will try his best to get to know her, and she will systematically undo his every attempt.
When Misha Breckenridge literally bumps into her life, along with his mesmerizing black eyes and his challenging ways, Charlotte finds herself stepping in quicksand. Despite her attempts to keep him —and every other person, for that matter—at a safe distance, Misha will soon find his way into her heart, making her lower her guard and open her long-closed heart to love.

As the summer unfolds, Rosetown and its memorable inhabitants inevitably start to grow on Charlotte. But, will she ever manage to forgive Daniel for walking out on her and her mother? Will she be able to let him into her heart and her life.

Favorite Quotes:

“But all those worries, all those ugly memories, and all that sadness now belonged in the past.”

“Charlotte Harington was truly remarkable at keeping her distance from anyone who might jeopardize her emotional safety.”

“I loved the feeling of not being charge for  a change and having no other choice but to let go, and hope for the best.”

Final Thoughts: 

Just For A While, is a debut novel for upcoming author Zoe Haslie, and I think she did a fantastic job with this book. I usually am leaning more towards fantasy novels, but this book exceeded my expectations of a romance novel. I loved the hint of drama and family relationships throughout this book. Charlotte struggles with learning how to love herself before she can genuinely open herself up to new relationships. Charlotte must learn not to let the failed relationship of her parents and the disease that has caused pain to her mother, affect her life. She has to learn to regain those feelings she put aside to support her mother and learn to accept her father. Charlotte learns to accept the new town she is living in and learn to be a friend to a person in need. She steps up to the plate when needed, taking full responsibility for her actions. In the end, will she find love, or will she lose more than she thought while protecting a friend? The growth of Charlotte as a character is something that I loved about this book. The author did a great job highlighting the struggles of having a parent that is battling something you cannot control.

Overall, I thought this was a well-written book. I enjoyed the heartfelt moments, the building of relationships, and the ending. This book filled with swoon-worthy moments that had me feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. I felt the plot twist a bit last luster, and some parts could have developed more. For example, I wanted to know more about Charlotte’s mom, Natalie, and more about Daniel’s relationship with Olivia’s mom. I thought there was a hint of something more, but then it was not explored in the book. I did like the explanation of the relationship between Natalie and Daniel. I did, however, want to know more about the letters that discussed in this book. I gave this book a four-star rating because of the areas that I felt could have been developed more. I think the author did a fantastic job on this book and the overall story-line is clear. I recommend this book to anyone interested in a heartfelt, family drama filled novel that follows the journey of a girl who just wants feel love.

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