My Full Time Job

I work full time as a Youth Services Librarian/ Assistant Manager. I’m sure you’re curious about what that means. It means I am in charge of programming from 0-18 and I am also in charge of the staff.

Awesome Parts of my Job!:

  • I get to create meaningful programming for the youth.
  • I get to create awesome teen displays.
  • I interact with patrons of all ages.
  • I am able to provide patrons with access to information.
  • I am able to connect with the schools in the area.
  • I love working around kids and I get to teach them new items each day.
  • I am surrounded by books. I love encouraging the youth patrons to read and explore new books.

I absolutely love working for a public library and love being in the customer experience field. Libraries are information centers and continue to provide access to information to patrons. My library does an after school zone and provides free meals to the kids in the area. I get to interact with parents and share the wonders of free access to information. My job is unique in a sense where I get to ensure meaningful program is provided to all patrons. I am always giving out my name and encouraging patrons to contact me.

The road to Librarianship:

I actually was a teacher and decided I would have a greater impact on the community in a library. I wanted to connect more with a larger population and feel I had a larger impact. I revived my MLS this summer and dived right into to librarianship. I’ve always had a passion for reading and now I get to share it with others every day. My job is a lot of work but it’s impactful work.

Thanks for reading and learning a little more about my day job!

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