The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris


Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5 stars

*This review contains a few spoilers in the beginning. This review is solely my own opinion.*

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris is a juvenile fiction read that focuses on the life of Carter. Carter has had a rough start to his life and continued to face challenges. He is left in the care of his Uncle Sly; the name fits perfectly with his personality. All his life he has just wanted to belong, and you hope that he does. In an attempt to separate himself from his Uncle and no longer be subjected to his Uncle’s foolery, he decides to run away. Carter hops on a train and lands in an unusual town known as Mineral Wells. Carter embarks on a tremendous journey to find a place where he belongs. Of course, this would not be a story without a villain; the villain is B.B. Bosso, a carnival owner, and magician. Carter would not call himself a magician because he did not believe in magic but he did know tricks and had a keen eye for noticing them. Carter stumbles upon the carnival as he enters the town and is amazed by all the tricks. Carter later runs into a gentleman called Mr. Vernon, a man who considers himself to be a magician. As Carter continues to stay in this new town, he must learn who to trust and who not to trust after he is offered a deal that some would not refuse. In this novel we watch Carter meet new friends, build new relationships, and accept himself for who he is. Carter learns to trust his instincts and be more open-minded when it comes to magic. Will Carter stay in Mineral Wells after everything? Who is B.B. Bosso and what is his involvement in the plot twist? I guess you will have to read this book to find out. I have already shared a lot of information.

This book is a selected title for the book club I host. I knew that this is something I must read. The author serves as the narrator in the story by providing inserted magic lessons and interacting with the reader. I love the connection that is made between the narrator and the reader. It feels like the narrator is talking directly to you and it feels like someone is merely telling you a story. This book is very much appropriate for young children as it is filled with magic, adventure, life lessons, and family. It teaches to youth to explore their imagination, to believe in magic, and to always be honest with your friends regardless of the potential outcome. There was one piece of this story that left me wondering. Carter was given a box from his parents, but in the end, we still have no idea what is in that box. I wanted to know more about his parents and what was in that box. I am excited to note that this is the first novel in the series and that there will be more.

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